The modern polo shirt as we know it today dates from the 1920s. The famous style was developed by French tennis player, Rene Lacoste. He took inspiration from the clothing worn by polo players but made some changes to suit his own sport. One of these was to make use of pique cotton in the garments, resulting in lightweight, airy yet durable shirts.


Polo Shirts and CrocodilesLacoste inventor of polo shirts, thanks to lacoste.com.au

Lacoste's nickname was 'the crocodile'; he decided to personalise his polo shirts with an ironed-on image of one. When he wore the polo shirt proudly at the 1926 US Open he instantly gained attention. This boomed when he won the tournament and started a brand-new trend.

In 1933, Lacoste established his company and began selling polo shirts all around the world. To boost sales, he decided to start selling distinctive designs, including a series of bold colours. This set another trend.


Embroidered Logos on Polo Shirts

Fred Perry - first to embroider a logo onto a polo shirt - image thanks to Daily Telegraph

The next big development came in the 1950s courtesy of another tennis player, Englishman Fred Perry.  He chose to have embroidered logos stitched onto the shirts rather than the previous iron-on ones. These garments became incredibly fashionable outside of sports, eventually becoming a staple of smart casual leisure wear.

The garments next moved into office wear, becoming popular amongst employees at tech companies. Cooler and more comfortable in warm conditions, they proved to be a great alternative to shirts whilst still looking smart. Other industries followed the tech lead, including retail, hospitality, and even trades.


The Modern Look

Nowadays polo shirts are a staple of most wardrobes. They're customised in numerous ways with printing and embroidery. This means that employers, clubs and other organisations can create their own unique garments.



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Blog Posted: 18/07/2017

Posted by: Andy